Course Curriculum

Emotional Risk Management in Business

  • 1

    The Nature and Effect of Emotive Behaviors

    • In this Section we cover, dynamics and consumers of emotions and emotive impacts on personal well-being

  • 2

    Diagnosing & Understanding Workplace Emotions

    • Practical session diagnosing employee, customer & management emotions and the power of assumptions on emotions

  • 3

    Monitoring & Managing Workplace Emotions

    • In this session we look at dynamics of under and over reacting, improving your emotional environment and investing emotional Value in the workplace

Emotional Risk Management in Business

A Skills Enrichment Course

Increasingly, companies around the globe are discovering that varying levels of emotional conflict in the workplace, can contribute to higher than usual risk factors and severely affect productivity while eroding opportunities for growth. 

These emotive impacts demand higher than average management responses, are conveyed to customers and ultimately result in business costs. 

Emotional Risk Management is a purpose driven, dynamic workshop designed to tool supervisory & mid-management officials with techniques for understanding and managing emotive impacts within the workplace while navigating high-stress environments with composure and clarity. 

Emotional Risk Management in Business

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